Water Damage causes horror


All they would have needed was water damage repair san diego specialist! A family of five from San Diego have had to evacuate their home after water damage from a leaking pipe has caused a mold infestation.

The family had to move out after the mold took a hold, the dangers if mold in the home are well reported on but for those who don’t know the devastating effects mold can have on humans and animals is; Asthma, Cancer, Chronic Coughing, Coughing Up Blood, Hives, Headaches, Dandruff,  Kidney Failure, Some reports have even shown a connection to learning difficulties if a young child is exposed and even memory loss in adults.

As the family had three children aged 11, 6 and 1 and a dog so they could not risk staying in their home. The family have had to stay at other family members homes, room sharing and sleeping on sofas.

The family since having to move out have had experts evaluate and treat their property, they still have to wait another two weeks while the work is carried out to make it safe again but the ordeal is almost over for this family. The moral of the story; don’t leave a leaking pipe, water damage can be catastrophic.