How to get your car insurance in Mexico?


If you are planning on travelling to Mexico by road, you need Mexican auto insurance. The insurance you got in the United States or any other country you are from is not going to work in Mexico, so you need to get a Mexican auto insurance to stay safe in the country. The Mexican law is quite different from laws in other countries and hence they do not accept insurance from other countries even in the case of an accident.

Depending on the period of your stay in the country, you can opt for a one day, two days or more days policy. Mexican auto insurance is a liability based policy and you will be required to purchase the insurance from a licensed insurer in Mexico. This liability-only policy will cover all your medical expenses and damage caused by anyone else involved in the accident. These are the various levels of coverage you can choose from-proteggere-auto-confronto-assicurazioni

  1. Basic Coverage- This type of coverage will cover travel assistance, liability, medical payments and legal assistance.
  2. Standard Coverage- This type of coverage will provide all the facilities that you get in the basic coverage plus the added advantage of coverage in case of theft and collision.
  3. Extended Coverage- As it is quite clear from the name, thus type of coverage includes all the services provided in basic as well as standard coverage. You also get coverage for partial theft, vandalism, United States repair and deductibles.